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All of these fun and colorful picture frames are handmade and hand finished exclusively by Angel Bacon in her private workshop.  Each frame is available in a variety of colors that are designed to complement each other.  They look great as individual accents or in groupings!

All Whimsy Works frames are available as picture frames in 4x6, 5x7, and 8x10,

and also  as mirrors in 8x10, 11x14, and 16x20.


  Offering a fun variation of a classic design theme, this frame will add a bright accent to any decor.

Available in the following combinations:

Orange with Red Diamonds (D-ORED)

Red with Gold Diamonds (D-RYL)

Royal Blue with Orange Diamonds (D-RBO)

Gold with Sky Blue Diamonds (D-YSB) 

Purple with Lime Green Diamonds

 Sky Blue with Purple Diamonds (D-SBP)



Get the festive colors of Spring year round with these whimsical frames!

Available in the following combinations:

Purple with Pink Flowers (F-PUR)

 Orange with Red Flowers (F-ORED)

Yellow with Orange Flowers (F-YOR)

 Sky Blue with Yellow Flowers (F-SBY) 

Red with Purple Flowers (F-RDP) 

Royal Blue with Sky Blue Flowers (F-BSB)


      "Country Vines"

Based on the subtle designs of the Art and Crafts era with a more subdued color palate, these understated frames will blend with even the most conservative decorating themes. Available in the following color combinations:

Natural and Teal (CV-NATG)

Gold and Royal Blue (CV-GBLU)

Sage and Purple (CV-SAGP)

Natural and Black (CV-NATB)

Royal Blue and Gold (CV-BLUG)

Burgundy and Gold (CV-BURG)




Based on the cheery designs of Latin American Folk Art, these frames will create fiesta of color into any room. 

Available in the following color combinations:

Red with Green and Gold (C-RGR)

Sky Blue with Purple and Green (C-SBP)

Purple with Gold and Orange (C-PYL)

Yellow with Sky Blue and Red (C-YSB)

Orange with Red and Purple (C-ORED)

Royal Blue with Orange and Sky Blue (C-RBO)





Inspired by the intricate designs of Moorish Architecture, these frames works perfectly with decors incorporating more exotic themes.

Available in the following color combinations:

Royal Blue with Sage (A-RBS)

Sage with Royal Blue (A-SRB)

Royal Blue with Gold (A-RBG)

Gold with Burgundy (A-GBU)

Burgundy with Gold (A-BUG)



Each Whimsy Works frame is individually made and hand painted. Color and design details in these frames may  vary.

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